Are you export lover or hater?

Whatever your answer, welcome to, the consulting company able to dispel your doubts, widen your horizons and much more…


We are a team of export experts who help companies and institutions to improve their results by going to foreign markets. We offer consulting services (commercial business development, including global sales and international marketing, web and 2.0, etc.) and custom training in these areas to both SMEs and INSTITUTIONS.

Who is for?

If you are already exporting or taking the first steps in this thrilling world, we can help you to identify the constraints and turn your values and strengths into competitive advantages to achieve your plans and conquer your “target territory”.


If you are an institution, business association or entity and you need a reliable, effective and quick approach, at we make it easy for you and offer a tailor made solution for your members.

The seemingly fastest way is not always the most appropriate… Hit with

Why do you need
Increase sales
Improve profits
Spread out the risk
Improve your competitive edge
How can help you?


The Spanish economy is growing and I need help introducing and selling my products… Would you be our agent and voice in the country? Could you be our rep?”


I own a business and everything runs pretty well but I know that I have to jump in, a.k.a., start exporting in order to take advantage of increasing my business, profits and decrease the risk of working in a single market but, how can I start?


I am already exporting to a few countries, which is the next step?  How can I optimize resources and make the most of it? Expand to more markets or go deep where I´m already doing business? Are these markets the right ones?


Payments, international law, customs and logistics, risk management, regulations. Advice on international fairs, procedures and trade assistance.


I´m an entrepreneur, my business idea could be successful for the consumers in foreign countries, what can I do? How to start? I’ve spent years working successfully but I do want to open another business portfolio based on exporting.


It´s years since I´m exporting but it seems impossible to really take off. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need new business partners? Are profitable opportunities flying away from me?


I would like to own a website ready for the international markets and social networks globally oriented but I need someone to guide me in those tasks.


Electronic business is increasing at lighting speed but, how can I safely sell in different countries? Can I use my local TOS? What about the destination country GTCS? What should I do with IMAP, UMAP, UMRP?


There are lots of possible agreements; e.g., sales, agency, distribution, franchise… Who should I ask to be in safe hands?

Our recipe

At we have developed a proprietary, technical but at the same time practical and creative method that helps us to make the optimal mix to succeed internationally.

Do you want to know more about it?


At we provide you with the training you need, practical and goal-oriented.

If you are a SME, you can count on to train your staff “in company” or, if you are INSTITUTION, to expand your current training offer.

We propose you a few seminars to have a general idea of our capabilities but, should you wish so, contact us and we will design a tailor-made project for you.




Do you need to export?

“To export or not to export-that is the question”. If you are going round and do not see a clear answer, have a look to this inspiring SBA : Where Will Your Next Customer Come From? It will help you to understand the importance of developing international business for your company or business project… C’mon! Action speaks louder than words!

Merchandise export (WTO countries) totalled US$

in 2014

Exports of commercial services (WTO countries) totalled aprox. US$

in 2014

More than 70% of the world´s purchasing power is located outside your home country.

Are you going to miss the boat?


(Tom Peters)



Consumers are a "Google" away

(Ferrán Soriano)

The right one, obviously.


No matter how good you are, if you are not promoted right, you won't be remembered.

(Andy Warhol)


We are approved consultants for ICEX-Next (ICEX, Spain Trade and Investment) and recognized as “Export Assistance Specialist Company” by IGAPE (Galicia). We are members at “iXPOS” (Germany), “Global Trade” (USA); “Executive Panel Members” by the “McKinsey Global Institute” and “Knowledge Team members” by the Knowledge@Wharton (USA).

We thank for trusting us

The Master in International Commerce of the University of Vigo and the Faculty of Business and Tourism in Ourense, among other companies and institutions, count on our continuous support in consultancy and training.


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