Business is my passion; to conquer new territories, to expand borders and make every business, however small it might be, able to access other markets and take every opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Over 15 years experience in the export sector -100% with SMEs-, helps me to know firsthand the uncertainties, limitations and challenges companies face when they decide to start the export process. I’ve dealt with all of them and I have brought forward projects that seemed impossible; occasionally, I’ve crashed: All of them are valuable learnings, such medals. Now I want to share all this experience with you.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, SME or an institution here you will find answers and my support for any questions or concerns that you might have.


Do we start?

Let´s export!

Jacobo M. Martinez
Chief Export Officer

Jacobo M. Martínez

Bachelor´s degree in Law from the University of Vigo, he is an expert in International Trade –University of Santiago– and European Studies LLM –University of Coruna-.

Over 15 years experience as consultant to Chambers of Commerce and export manager to different and relevant Spanish SMEs, starts with insatiable curiosity to transmit all his experience and know-how to companies, entrepreneurs and Institutions that would like to improve their knowledge in this field.

His passions, along with his family, are work, travel and photography. The years he has lived in Germany made him a great beer lover -and its brewing process too-; with the help of his soulmate (Canon) and during his time in New York he reinforced his love for photography by making snapshots of every scene in the Big Apple.

From childhood, always curious, restless and eager to learn and know, he has developed a strong intuition for strategy and moves like a fish in water with every challenge, no matter the size.

He enjoys every country with the same intensity, mixing with locals and absorving their culture. You could see him rather comfortable either having octopus at a Galician festivity, photographing zen gardens in Tokyo,talking about what is the best beer at a Frankfurt pub or flying a kite with his daughter in Central Park.

Language enthusiast; with the right attitude, there is no barrier too high or challenge too great for him. He can communicate with people in English, German, Italian or French… which is going to be his next challenge?.

Should you want to know him better, please do not hesitate to contact at Linkedin

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